Be More Efficient with a SAM Bundle from Lansweeper & Licenseware

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We all know that the first step to effective software asset management (SAM) is knowing what software you have in your IT estate – but there’s more to it than simply creating and maintaining an inventory. True efficiency comes from Technology Asset Intelligence – the ability to collect, analyze, and use data to make informed decisions about software acquisition, usage, maintenance, and disposal. It’s also crucial for navigating the rapidly increasing number of software audits. 

But technology asset intelligence is hard to achieve, due to the reliance on manual processes for asset discovery and license management. Manual work can lead to inaccuracies, non-compliance, and a wasted time spent on tasks that could – and should – be automated. 

The lack of real-time data and insights can also delay decision-making and optimization efforts, reducing the overall effectiveness of SAM teams and increasing the risk of financial penalties for non-compliance. Plus, without clear visibility into software usage, organizations may overspend on unnecessary licenses or underutilize existing assets. These inefficiencies can significantly impact operational efficiency and financial performance.

Fortunately, an integration between Lansweeper and Licenseware is making it easier for IT organizations to benefit from technology asset intelligence through the AI-powered analysis of granular IT asset data, and manage software assets with maximum efficiency. Let’s take a look at how it works. 

AI/ML Provides Unmatched Efficiency and Accuracy

Technology asset intelligence goes beyond basic IT Asset Management. It leverages advanced discovery and inventory capabilities along with data analysis techniques to provide actionable insights about the data. Machine learning (ML) and AI can be used to enhance efficiency by automating the complex processes of software asset discovery and license compliance. 

Using powerful AI models, Lansweeper can identify, normalize, and categorize IT assets, including hardware and software, and ensure predictions are accurate and timely. Our solution:

  • Accurately labels, consolidates, and normalizes software titles, publishers, and versions 
  • Determines the type, brand, model, and operating system of devices
  • Provides detailed information on software
  • Uses patented MAC Clustering to recognize devices with unmatched accuracy
  • Analyses data from network protocols and other sources, and makes accurate predictions

Lansweeper’s extensive catalog offers a rich source of brands, product, and software data that’s continuously updated and includes context such as vulnerability risk, lifecycle status, and environmental impacts. In this way, Lansweeper can provide strategic business insights for informed decision-making across various IT use cases, from cybersecurity to resource optimization, forecasting and more.

Our partner Licenseware brings to the table a deep understanding of software licensing data analysis, to streamline SAM and automate essential tasks. Its modular approach allows companies to access specific tools tailored to their needs, without the complexity and expense associated with monolithic SAM systems. This ensures efficient and cost-effective management of software assets. 

What’s more, Licenseware’s advanced reporting capabilities help to ensure compliance with licensing agreements and identify cost-saving opportunities, improving IT asset management efficiency and driving significant long-term savings.

The synergy between Lansweeper and Licenseware streamlines and simplifies asset discovery and license compliance checks, significantly reducing the hours spent on manual data collection and analysis. SAM professionals can shift their focus toward strategic tasks and productivity, instead of being bogged down by tedious, time-consuming busy work. 

Be Prepared for Software Audits

Industry analysts agree that the hybrid workplace will lead to increased software auditing activities, and it’s important to be prepared. Maintaining an accurate, comprehensive software asset inventory is the first step in passing a surprise audit with flying colors. With up-to-the-minute software asset data from Lansweeper, Licenseware can generate accurate reports that make it easy to pinpoint missing licenses, identify where licenses aren’t being used, and help to mitigate risk while optimizing costs.

For example, one Fortune 500 automotive retailer improved reporting for Microsoft License audits and other license reporting requests by installing Lansweeper and identifying all 26,000+ devices in their network, in minutes. According to the IT Director, “In 2016, we were audited by Microsoft and were able to complete it in less than 2 days due to the Lansweeper database already having all the data they needed.” 

Bundle and Save

A successful SAM strategy begins with a comprehensive overview of the organization’s software inventory to effectively manage licenses and maintain compliance. Addressing SAM’s challenges, such as navigating complex licensing agreements and maintaining accurate asset records, is essential. 

Lansweeper offers extensive visibility into software installation data and a complete overview of IT assets, while Licenseware provides targeted software licensing analysis and optimization. Together, they create a powerful combination, delivering a tailored approach to meet specific organizational needs and overcome the challenges of SAM with ease.

For a limited time, you can buy our exclusive SAM bundle, “Lansweeper and Licenseware,” and complete your 2024 license audit for free in just a few minutes -> Learn more and get started today!

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